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We take the time understand your business needs. We become your IT department, a dependable partner to enable you to focus your energies on growing your own business.

We are small to medium business IT support experts. We will tailor a solutions package that meets your needs and budget.

Our services include :

Secure disposal of critical data
Did you realise that when you get of rid of your old PC, deleted data can be restored and used for gain. Access to your companyís and your personal banking details and financial data can be acquired and even sold for profit. If you donít believe us, read this article.

We use a product that is stronger than whatís required by the United States Department of Defence, ensuring your data is permanently wiped and unable to be restored or resurrected in any form. Contact us for competitive pricing on any volume disposal. We can do this onsite, or take your box/boxes away and provide you with a written guarantee that all data has been securely removed.

Data Restoration
We have purchased some best of breed software-based data recovery tools. Whilst they wonít help in the case of hardware failure, if you deleted something by mistake or even formatted a drive forgetting to backup important data we will often be able to recover all your lost data.

Data Security
If you follow our advice, Data Restoration wonít be necessary. We can just restore a document or a complete mailbox from yesterday, last week, last month, or a couple of years ago. Itís that simple if you have our recommended backup system in place. Check the Specials page as we have a backup solution we can implement on any Windows server that will provide you the most important result Ė peace of mind.

Remote Access
Whether you have an office in every state, every city in the world, or a handful of road warrior travelling sales reps that need to stay in touch with your email or CRM server Ė we can provide the best remote access solution for you. We can guarantee that our experience in the field is all encompassing. Mobile broadband, VPN, global diallers, weíve done it all. We can provide a customised solution for any environment. We are constantly trialling new technology to ensure we provide the best solution for your business.

Windows installation & configuration
With our experience working in larger corporate sites performing large PC rollouts and developing SOE (Standard Operating Environments) we have literally installed Windows thousands of times. We have a standard installation procedure we follow to ensure that each PC or laptop is correctly configured for optimal performance and reliability.

Server installation & configuration
We live and breathe for server installations. We pride ourselves on our server skills, setting up servers with best practice configuration, to ensure maximum availability and reliability. We know how to leverage the various Microsoft Server products to ensure you get the best functionality & the best value for your business.

IT assessments, strategic planning & project management
We like to look ahead and be proactive with your use of technology. We keep our skills current to ensure that we are abreast of all new products, and use that knowledge to ensure we only implement solutions that are mature. With this in mind, we are best placed to help you create a technology map that will include projections on spending, and upgrades for at least next life cycle of you current systems. This helps you and helps us. We can ensure that we have the skills and resources available when it suits you.

Hardware Installation
You name it, we can install it. Burners, scanners, external drives, backup systems, printers, plotters, network switches & routers, cabling, RAM, hard disks, the list goes on. We also supply a range of standard PCís and Servers, or can help you build a customised PC for any situation whether it be home automation, sound engineering, CAD design Ė you name it, weíve done it

Software Installation
There arenít too many products around that we havenít had experience in. We know how to avoid the pitfalls in installing and configuring most common applications, and many uncommon applications too!

Maintenance and Support
Just like anything that contains moving parts and a control system, regular maintenance will often alert you to problems before they become catastrophes. We like to make regular onsite visits to all our clients to ensure that we can identify these problems before it is too late. Whether it be 3 PCís on a peer-to-peer network, or a fully fledged server farm with client PCís scattered all over the country, regular maintenance is a MUST. We will tailor a plan that suits you. It will save you money in the long run.

VOIP installation & configuration
VOIP (Voice Over IP) can save you big bucks! If your company spend thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars each month keeping in contact with clients and staff interstate or overseas, you are throwing money away. Talk to us and discover how to use VOIP to minimise your communication costs. Or just check out the VOIP Solutions page for more details.

Prompt onsite troubleshooting of hardware and software
If you have an annoying bug in Windows or an application you regularly use, the chances are that someone else has had exactly the same problem. Many of these we already know, and if we donít, we know how troubleshoot to find it. Elementary my Dear Watson!!!

Virus/Spyware Removal
The two main causes of Virus or Spyware infection are inadequate patching, and inadequate software. We know how to rid your system of almost every malware known. With some infections, depending on your configuration, it is quicker to backup your data and reinstall Windows and your applications and ensure PROPER PROTECTION is installed to prevent re-infection. We will let you let you know the best plan of attack.

Our web guru and overlord Andrew lives a world of code. He loves scripting websites and prides himself on providing a website that suits your needs. Check out the Web Hosting & Design page for more information!

Web/Internet Hosting & Provision
I hate to be repetitive, but check out our Web Hosting & Design page for our very competitive plans.

A network ainít a network without proper documentation! We love to document. It is our second greatest love after server installations (which we are so good at because of our documentation). We can help you to document your critical systems in an informative and easy to read style. It will make your business more efficient, and enables us to resolve problems more effectively. It saves time and money Ė it is the intelligent thing to do.

Leasing via FlexiRent
Leasing is a great way to amortise the cost of the next upgrade to your IT infrastructure. FlexiRent are the small-medium business experts. We are a FlexiRent provider. Check out our FlexiRent information at the bottom of this page and please contact us if you have any questions.

Sourcing corporate hardware & software
For small businesses we source our PCís from the most respected local manufacturers, who use componentry from the leaders in their field. These components in our recommended PCís change often to ensure we are providing best value performance and reliability. For volume purchases for larger corporate clients, we use brand names such as IBM to ensure we have a stable hardware platform around which to build an SOE (Standard Operating Environment). We have a standard blueprint for designing SOEís that ensures we can minimise your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the lifecycle of your PCís.

Windows Specialists
We have tried both Linux and Macís. We prefer Windows. We love Windows. And with some taming, it has learnt to love us. With our documented installation and configuration procedures, we create a best practice Windows environment. By selecting us to provide your Windows Server & PC infrastructure, you can ensure you are that you are reaping the rewards of many years toil and struggle, and many thousands of pages of textbooks absorbed.

We can design a network structure that will provide blistering speed, or amazing flexibility. Network solutions have never been cheaper or more functional. Talk to us about your requirements.

We emply licensed cabling engineers that can provide you with all the connectivity and flexibility you require. Call us for a free quote.

Moving office? Need to arrange phone lines, internet access, cabling, and ensure that when it all gets plugged in at the other end it still works? We can provide you with advice and a checklist to ensure you donít miss anything, or we can manage the technical aspect for you, allowing you to you rest easy knowing that no detail will be missed.

Dust Removal
If you are in the manufacturing game, and your PC is exposed to a harsh environment and loads of dust, your PC is not going to last as long as it should. Dust build-up in PC cases drastically reduces airflow, causing your PC to run hotter, increasing the chance of hardware failure or at the least, significantly reducing itís lifespan. Regularly maintenance will clear the air paths in your PC saving you money in the long run.


Peak Tech is now a Flexirent Dealer.

What is Flexirent?

Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd is the market leader in Australia and New Zealand within the "small ticket" leasing and rental finance sector for computer equipment, office technology.

It provides commercial rental agreements for fixed term rental finance to customers using the equipment mainly for business use, or consumer rental agreements for people using the equipment at home for personal use.

What does this mean to you?

You get to choose your suplier and you get to choose what you buy! Once you know what equipment you want to have flexirent will purchase it from us and lease it to you.

Why Lease?

  • Most lease items are 100% tax deductable (please check with your accountant)
  • Cashflow. Why spend up big on equipment that you will have for 3 years? Spread the cost with Flexirent
  • You can lease $5000 worth of new equipment for as little as $40.15 per week. With an after tax cost of $25.55
Click here to learn more

Established Business

We have been providing IT support to businesses since 1996, we have many satisfied clients and a proven track record.

Our Staff

While being experienced and proficient is important; we also focus on improvement and finding ways to out do ourselves. Our team share a wealth of knowledge and experience for your business.

Our Service

We respond promptly! Our quality is second to none and as your outsourced IT partner, we look after the smooth running of your network system.

Our Products

We only supply software and hardware that we know works, rather than saving a few dollars on cheap equipment that will be obsolete in 6-12 months we only recommend quality systems that will have a long life span. We will also give you independent advice on on your business needs and value for money.